Girl on the hill

There is this girl, strange girl - who lives on a hill, Pigs Hill. She has black hair, long, long black hair.

The colour - a blue door and blue windows on that house on a hill, Pigs Hill.

13 is the number on that blue door, of that blue house, on the hill, Pigs Hill. One and three, one and three which makes four - but there's no knock on that door.

The girl who lives on the hill, Pigs Hill, has a name, a nickname "Lelly".

Her sisters, two sisters - "Lolly and Christina".

"Lelly, Lolly and Christina", grew up and parted.

Lelly lives on a hill, Pigs Hill.

Lolly lives at the foot of a mountain.

And Christina lives at the entrance of a forest.

These were the nicknames given by their gran, Molly. Although Lelly has another nickname, also given by her gran - "Jilly".

The other night Jilly was lying in bed, in the blue room, of the blue house, on the hill, Pigs Hill.

She was missing her dad, he passed over three years hence.

3 times lost; her father, her gran and her cat - her faithful cat, who waited and waited at the top of that hill, Pigs Hill. Waited for her to return from work each day.

Jilly heard her gran call out her name - "Jilly".

The sound rang round and round the room.

Then Jilly fell asleep…

Every third Wednesday of the month she walks and walks down Pigs Hill to the Royal Oak to the moot. 3 turns and you'll be there.

Jilly, Pigs Hill, Tunbridge Wells