What is this project all about?

In 1606 (i.e., 400 years ago in 2006), Tunbridge Wells was founded when a young nobleman named Lord North was riding through the woods near Tonbridge to cure the hangover from which he was DYING - yes, DYING. He stopped outside a swineherder's hut for a drink and noticed that the water he was given cured his hangover. Being an unselfish sort of chap, he shared the secret with his drinking friends and soon a lively spa town appeared.

To celebrate this miracle, I want to collect a big pile of 400-word accounts of Tunbridge Wells life and publish them on a website for all to read. Which is where you come in. Pick up a pen and write. And then send it to me, and I'll put it up on the site.

As well as being the number of years since Tunbridge Wells was founded, 400 is an easy number of words to write. It’s just a hand-written side of A4.